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Welcome to our site. CSI features a Christian News letter, books, manuscript proofreading, executive coaching, protocol, business etiquette, manners, public speakers and much more. Please browse the pages you find here. We look forward to meeting your needs!
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Gianni's Audio Sound Bites on the World Today!

You can now download some sample audio files. These are"snippets" about the condition in the world today.

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Creative Services provides consultation for manuscript proofreading, grammar usage, protocol, business etiquette, manners, writing a novel and public speaking. Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes is an internationally known speaker who presents a variety of topics: end times, new world order, biblical prophecy and much more.

CSI is a small, privately owned corporation that operates primarily to offer creative services in all capacities, some of which are subcontracted. It especially strives to help artists with an emphasis on literary arts, through offering advice, products, and other benefits that will help authors and others learn their trade. Of equal importance is CSI's goal to provide computer consultation, and marketing services of all types, even the writing of in-house organs, corporate histories, writing kits; as well as presenting a variety of veteran speakers for different subjects and concerns. A plethora of other services -- such as tutoring, protocol/etiquette, educational and communications programs -- are made available through this top-notch, small--but quality-oriented--agency. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or comments. This agency's team is highly qualified in their areas of expertise, having numerous years of college education, dozens of degrees put together, and on hand, individual and team experience that is unmatched anywhere.

Giannis Audio Sound Bites on the World Today!

You can now download some sample audio files. These are"snippets" about the condition in the world today.

Radio Show

Don't forget, to tune into my radio show, “The New World Order Disorder,” every Wednesday night at 9:00pm EST. It's a webcast through theamericanvoice.com , and is rebraodcasted on Saturdays. Just check the website for times.You can call in free to voice your opinions at:-800-433-1429.. Gianni Hayes hosts another show on http://www.live365.com at 7:00pm, EST, every Monday night. For info on how to access both programs, see the radio show stage on this site. Topics include politics, illegal immigration, Christianity, the New World Order, and many other subjects.


This section offers information on popular speakers for various events and needs. Dr. Gianni DeVincent Hayes is an internationally known speaker on various topics but especially on “globalism,” in which she offers hot news, provocative stories, and thought provoking issues. Other speakers are available.

Have a banquet you have to address, a presentation you need to give, a eulogy you have to share? CSI has expert speakers who present to all kinds of audiences all around the world. They are also experienced in writing speeches for all types of occasions, and teach you how to best use voice inflection and body language to drive your point home.

Authors are so busy becoming bestsellers that they can't help the would-be, striving writer. This site is especially created for those who want to learn to write, for those who have written something and need consulting on how to format, market, and submit their work, and then to whom to send it. This is a popular, hot site!
  • grammar usage
  • editing and critiquing of manuscripts
  • how to help you find best markets for your nonfiction, fiction, articles, short stories, Etc.
  • enrolling yourself in a one-on-one book writing class
    from A to Z
  • nonfiction and fiction books you should read
  • how to read to improve your writing
  • writing for corporations (in-house organs, histories, sales manuals)

Want an expert to help you with your problem, someone to guide you? Then go with the pros who are experienced in home, academic, industrial, and commercial computing technology. Just contact us and you're off to talking or working with an expert(s). Fees provided.
      Our Services include
  • choosing the right computer for you
  • how to pick the components that best work for you
  • how to put a system together at a reasonable price
  • how to apply for a job in computing that fits your skills
  • how to make yourself job-worthy: the right things to say and do at computing interviews
  • computer troubleshooting: If it doesn't work, let's figure it out together

Need individual tutoring, group teaching, seminar and home workshop presentations? We do it all with a long list of topics we present on, as well as any you may have that would fit in with our agenda. Check this site out for such courses and presentations, besides our teaching service, as the one-world government, religion, politics, manners,public speaking and many others.

Coaching available for public figures, sports teams, businesses. We teach you how to make a good impression and get your point across.

Want to put the right twist on a sale, create a business brochure that will grab a client's attention, or write a letter that makes everyone gape? Then you'll want to work with the marketers here at CSI who have done just about everything in the marketing realm, from working with individuals to mult-layered corporations.


Learn about the Bible and current events, and End-times.

HERE IT IS! A brand new electronic magazine (e-zine) that will have you looking for another issue in your inbox every few months! This is our mock-up edition put together to show you how future issues may be laid out, though we are always apt to chance to please our readers.

THIS IS IT!!! A full length Christian Newsletter with insight into what is going on in our world and where you and your family fit in!



Creative Services: About our business
Nan Hayes: Also known as Nan DeVincent Hayes; author and Gianni Hayes, Ph. D
The Writers: writing services and writers; marketing; editing; critiquing services available
The Speakers: available experienced speakers on religion, politics, computing, literature, marketing, etc
The Computing Guru: A forty-year experienced computer expert and staff offers advice and instruction
Marketing services: We offer the most creative ideas for even the simplest needs.
Best Selling Books: A list of wholesome family novels and serious nonfiction and scholarly works
Advertisers: Space available for businesses to advertise that share our mission
Links: Sites that offer material akin to what is on this site
Best Selling Books A list of wholesome family novels and serious nonfiction and schorly works.


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